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Tradition Meets Technology

Save big on energy and maintenance costs with new LED lighting or upgrades for your existing fixtures

LED options are now available for many Manning products, and more are coming soon! Whether you prefer new fixtures, or upgrades to existing ones, LED technology has many benefits:

• Never replace a bulb again.
Our LED light engines are rated to last 50,000+ hours. You'll save money on bulb replacement and maintenance hours, and never have to look up at unevenly illuminated fixtures due to burned-out lamps again!

• Save BIG on energy costs:
You'll get the same light output with a fraction of the energy used. Example: A standard Manning incandescent pendant uses 1100 watts of power. The equivalent LED version uses 112 watts.

• Improve light levels and fixture appearance:
We've designed our LED light engines to evenly illuminate the fixture diffusers. And the powerful LED downlight is available in several wattages and optical beam spreads to help direct the light where you need it.

• UL approved:
Our LED products are UL-approved for safety and performance.

We'll be happy to assist you with your LED lighting questions. Just email or call us!


LED options are available in many Manning fixtures, even Traditional pendants like this one introduced in 1948!

See all LED pendants.

LED retrofit options are also available for spotlight units like the one pictured above. See more about LED retrofits for Manning Spatialites.