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Why upgrade to LED lighting fixtures?

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90% more efficient

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Manning LED lighting fixtures are up to 90% more energy efficient than incandescent alternatives.

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50,000+ hour rated life

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Never replace a light bulb again.

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Natural, comfortable light

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Manning LED lighting fixtures have warm, natural color, making them suitable for all types of buildings.

Tradition meets technology

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Even illumination: Screw-in bulbs or fluorescents can create bright spots and shadows on the lens. LEDs illuminated the diffuser evenly, giving you a more refined, appealing appearance.

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Old-school designs, new-era savings: LED light engines are available for even our original Traditional series products.

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UL-listed: LED options are available for new fixtures or to upgrade existing! Manning LED light engines are UL-listed for safety and performance.

Pendant LED lighting fixtures

Example: Pendant LED lighting fixtures

  • Efficient LED drivers operate on 120 or 277 volts and are compatible with a variety of dimming systems, including TRIAC, ELV and 0-10 volt.

  • Linear LED boards provide general lighting and even diffuser illumination. Each 8-watt board replaces several incandescent or fluorescent lamps.

  • Proper thermal management is essential for long LED life.

    State-of-the-art heat sinks and airflow design throughout the LED lighting fixtures ensure components operate at recommended temperatures.

  • A powerful LED downlight delivers light where you need it most. A wide-beam reflector spreads light evenly and minimizes glare.

Example: Manning “Spatialite” spotlight fixtures

  • Each 48-watt LED module takes the place of a 500-watt incandescent PAR lamp.

  • Replacing your existing lamps with an LED upgrade is easy: modules simply snap into the clips originally designed to hold the incandescent lamps.

  • The integral LED driver is compatible with a variety of dimming systems, including TRIAC, ELV and 0-10 volt.

Spacialite LED lighting fixtures

New LED lighting fixtures or LED upgrade

LED options are already available for many of our standard products in the wide array of categories you’ve come to expect from Manning. And many more LED lighting fixtures are on the way!

Or if you like the look of your current lighting, you can still take advantage of the many advantages of Manning’s LED lighting fixtures. An LED upgrade replaces the “guts” of your existing fixtures to improve the appearance, efficiency, and performance.

Utility rebates may be available for upgrading to LED lighting fixtures

Your local electric utility might be able to help cover the cost of upgrading to LED in the form of rebate offers.

Incentive programs and policies vary across the country, so contact your local Manning rep to learn about what rebates might be available in your area, or visit for more information.

When it comes to savings, don’t just take our word for it

Use the calculator below to enter your information about your current lighting fixtures and learn how much you could save with new LED lighting fixtures or an LED upgrade.

LED savings estimator

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