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Images Pendant

Images combines a standard format with entirely new diffuser material. This product uses a custom corner extrusion with laser cut end caps and an appropriate 40 degree swivel in the canopy. Choose from 12 standard configured diffuser options or opal white acrylic. A hinged 1/2" x 1/2" square cell louver painted optical black reduces glare.

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Tags: colorful, customize, hot, LED
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Images Pendant (LP-382)

To Specify:

  1. Choose a finish for the Primary Finish
  2. Choose a finish for the Secondary Finish
  3. Choose a lamping option
  4. Choose a voltage option
  5. Choose a diffuser
  6. Choose a louver
  7. Choose from these standarad option(s)
      • FU - Fusing: Supplied with integral fuse holder and fuse, sized for electrical requirements.
      • EMI   -- OR --   DM
        • EMI - Integral Emergency Battery (Fluor.): Integral fluorescent emergency battery pack, indicator light, and test switch. Consult factory for options with LED lamping.
        • DM - Fluorescent Dimming: Supplied with integral Lutron electronic fluorescent dimming ballast 120 or 277 volt, 60 Hz.
      • D0 - 0-10v LED dimming:
      • D1 - Triac LED dimming:
      • D2 - ELV LED dimming:
  8. My Project Folder (optional)
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line drawing
  1. OAH is standard unless specified.
  2. Specify three digit color suffix with "PT" finish option and CD diffuser option.
  3. HOUSING: Heavy gauge solid aluminum top and bottom frames with custom extruded aluminum corners. The side trim panels can be ordered with complementary color or finish. The fabricated aluminum wire body is coated with a reflective white enamel finish.
  4. MOUNTING: Fixture is supplied with a universal mounting strap assembly that attaches to a standard octagonal junction box.
  5. CIRCUITS: Dual-level circuiting for interior lamps/downlight standard.