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Ohreo Pendant (bowl)

Ohreo's spun aluminum trim sandwiches an acrylic diffuser to create a modern, sleek profile. Choose a single piece drum or ultra-shallow bowl.

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Tags: geometric, clean, distinctive

Fixture Info (PDF)  
Fixture DimensionsLampinginformationLED Driver Housinginformation Finish: DiffuserStem informationOptionsinformation Spec Sheet
DP-881 Height: 7"
Dia: 24"
OAH: 31"
4F39 PT,  BA WH SIN,  CBL,  QAD,  FIN FU,  EMI,  DM Create PDF
 Please Note:
    DP-883 Height: 7.5"
    Dia: 30"
    OAH: 31.5"
    4F40 PT,  BA WH SIN,  CBL,  QAD,  FIN FU,  EMI,  DM Create PDF
     Please Note:
      DP-885 Height: 8.75"
      Dia: 36"
      OAH: 33"
      6F40 PT,  BA WH SIN,  CBL,  QAD,  FIN FU,  EMI,  DM Create PDF
       Please Note:

        Ohreo Pendant (bowl) Notes

        1. Specify three digit color suffix with "PT" finish options.
        2. OAH is standard unless specified.
        3. HOUSING: Consists of spun aluminum top and bottom rings and thermoformed opal white acrylic shallow bowl diffuser.
        4. MOUNTING: Fixture mounts to a standard octagonal junction box.