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Java Pendant

The Java series employs softly curved diffusers and visually minimal extruded side rails. The aircraft cable and cord suspended pendants are available in two sizes with either efficient compact fluorescent or economic incandescent lamping. An opal white bottom diffuser is standard. "Floating canopy" hides mounting hardware from view.

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Fixture Info (PDF) 
Fixture DimensionsLampinginformationLED Driver Housinginformation Finish: DiffuserOptionsinformation Spec Sheet
quickship item LP-370 Width: 6"
Height: 10"
Length: 10"
OAH: 36"
1N60,  1FQ26 BA,  PT WH,  CD FU Create PDF
 Please Note:
  1. White bottom acrylic lens standard.
LP-372 Width: 6"
Height: 24"
Length: 10"
OAH: 50"
3NT40,  1F40 BA,  PT WH,  CD FU Create PDF
 Please Note:
  1. White bottom acrylic lens standard.

Java Pendant Notes

  1. White bottom acrylic lens standard.
  2. OAH is standard unless specified.
  3. HOUSING: Solid aluminum canopy plate, extruded aluminum side rail, and machined accents can be ordered with either a painted or brushed aluminum finish.
  4. MOUNTING: Fixture is supplied with a universal mounting strap assembly that attaches to a standard octagonal junction box.
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