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Elements Pendant

The Elements pendants feature windows of texture and color using any one of our configured diffuser lens materials. Concentric outer panels include four windows for diffuser accents. Inner spun housing available in matching or complementary finish. Bottom white acrylic lens. Fluorescent lamp body provides both uplight and downlight while minimizing debris inside the fixture. Swivel 45-degree hanger standard. Two sizes.

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Tags: colorful, customize, hot

Fixture Info (PDF) 
Fixture DimensionsLampinginformationLED Driver Housinginformation Finish: Primary Finish Finish: Secondary Finish DiffuserOptionsinformation Spec Sheet
LP-390 Height: 8"
Dia: 18"
OAH: 30"
3N60,  4F18 BA,  PT BA,  PT WH,  CD FU,  EMI Create PDF
 Please Note:
  1. White bottom acrylic lens standard.
LP-392 Height: 9"
Dia: 24"
OAH: 40"
3N60,  4F39 BA,  PT BA,  PT WH,  CD FU,  EMI,  DM Create PDF
 Please Note:
  1. White bottom acrylic lens standard.

Elements Pendant Notes

  1. Specify three digit color suffix with "PT" finish option and CD diffuser option.
  2. OAH is standard unless specified.
  3. HOUSING: Heavy gauge spun solid aluminum drum, hardware, and solid aluminum trim panels can be ordered with complementary finishes. Solid aluminum lamp plate reflector is coated with a reflective white enamel finish.
  4. MOUNTING: Fixture is supplied with a universal mounting strap assembly that attaches to a standard octagonal junction box.