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Boulevard (Rail) Exterior Sconce

Cast top and bottom covers, extruded aluminum frame, and solid aluminum bar details are features of the Boulevard Rail series. Incandescent, fluorescent lamp options with optional LED uplight, downlight, or both (coming soon). Durable powdercoat paint finish standard.

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Tags: arts and crafts, exterior, outdoor, egress
Fixture Info (PDF) 
Fixture DimensionsLampinginformationLED Driver Housinginformation Finish: End Caps/Frame Finish: Bars DiffuserOptionsinformation Spec Sheet
DE-724 Width: 7.5"
Height: 19.75"
Ext: 4"
2NT40,  1F27 PP PP WH,  FX FU Create PDF
 Please Note:
    DE-726 Width: 7.5"
    Height: 25.75"
    Ext: 4"
    3NT40,  1F39 PP PP WH,  FX FU Create PDF
     Please Note:
      DE-728 Width: 7.5"
      Height: 37.25"
      Ext: 4"
      2F39 PP PP WH,  FX FU,  EMR Create PDF
       Please Note:
        DE-729 Width: 7.5"
        Height: 49"
        Ext: 4"
        2F40 PP PP WH,  FX FU,  EMR Create PDF
         Please Note:

          Boulevard (Rail) Exterior Sconce Notes

          1. Specify two or three digit color suffix with "PP" finish option.
          2. HOUSING: Consists of solid machined aluminum bar details, extruded aluminum corner posts and solid cast aluminum end caps.
          3. MOUNTING: Fixture supplied with gasketed universal mounting plate for installation over standard octagonal junction box.
          4. UL and C-UL listed for wet locations.
          5. Fluorescent ballasts rated to - 22-degree F