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Blade sconce

Elegant and simple describe the Blade sconce. Less than two inches deep, its minimalist design incorporates an acrylic panel edge lit with a hidden LED source.

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Tags: new, DigitalSpeck, LED
Fixture Info (PDF) 
Fixture DimensionsLampinginformationLED Driver Housinginformation Finish: Spec Sheet
W-121 Width: 11"
Height: 13"
Ext: 1.75"
1L10F35 ZB,  ZS Create PDF
 Please Note:
  1. Core LED Specs: Total watts: 10, Max. Lumens: 1014 CRI: 80+, CCT: 3500K, L70: 50,000 hours.
  2. LED Dimming: Select option D0 (0-10v), D1, (Triac) or D2 (ELV).

Blade sconce Notes

  1. CONSTRUCTION: Frame: Aluminum extrusion with integral LED board channel, heat sink, and acrylic blade support. Machined aluminum components. Blade: One clear 4.5mm acrylic panel with proprietary etched optical pattern to maximize light output and minimize glare. Mounting: Mounts to a standard octagonal junction box, mounting hardware provided by others.